Upgrades & modules

Van Dam Machine has a width range of upgrades & modules to offer, which increases your productivity.
Here you will find a few samples of the available options Van Dam Machine has to offer.

Full electrical upgrade

Unfortunately customers don’t realize that machines with older electronics can lead to long downtime (3 till 6 months) when one of the parts breaks down. Therefore, Van Dam Machine has developed full electronic upgrades for your printing machine. To reduce the downtime of the machine these upgrades will include a complete new electrical cabinet. So, with this upgrade your machine is up to date. As a result, it can produce for the next decade without any spare part delivery problem.

Main reasons for this upgrade are, for instance:
  • limited availability or obsolete spare parts of older electronic components
  • new high speed processing panels which do not communicate with old PLC’s
  • knowhow of older electronic systems
Automatic Roller Cleaning System (ARCS)

Our automatic roller cleaning system cleans the color head rollers while rollers are inside the machine.

Benefits of the Automatic Roller Cleaning System:

  • The cleaning time is reduced to approximately 2 minutes compared to the 6 or 8 times 20 minutes
  • Cleaning solvent saving of approximately 90%
  • The system is operator friendly
  • And environmentally friendly
Quick Set Ink Fountain

Quick Set Ink Fountain is a replacement for the traditional ink fountain with adjust screws.
The ink film thickness for the individual ink zones is adjusted by levers.

Benefits of the Quick Set Ink Fountain:

  • Accurate adjustment of ink layer thickness
  • The reduction of product change period
  • Easy reproduction of previous image settings because of the ink zone preset tool
  • Scaled settings for an easy reference
  • A reduction of scrap during the product change