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About van Dam Machine

State of the Art and Sustainable decoration solutions

For 60 years Van Dam Machine is a pioneer and innovative company supplying equipment for decorating rigid packaging. We are specialized the design, development and manufacture of dry offset printing machines and photographic FDoR® printing machines. Innovation is in our DNA. All this comes in hand with a excellent customer service.

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At Van Dam, We care

The last 5 years our focus is reducing our own footprint and contribute to a zero packaging waste. A few highlights are de-inking, molded fiber decoration but also  supplying long term robust and reliable equipment.


Be the best-valued partner in the packaging industry, working towards a sustainable future for all


Deliver state of the art decoration solutions to customers globally.
By providing efficient printing equipment for lifelike colors and optimal recycling of rigid packaging.


Get to zero packaging waste.

de-inking and molded fiber
Van Dam Machine Europe B.V.

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