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Print & Handling training

To fresh-up or to increase the knowledge of your operators, Van Dam Machine also offers the option of specific print and handling trainings.
As a result, the participants must be able to:

  • Setup a print image from scratch, given the printing plates, ink, blankets and the necessary tools.
  • Recognize any irregularity in the print image, locate the cause and also correct those irregularities within the tolerances.
  • Be able to recognize any irregularity in printing plates.
  • Explain the influence of the product specifications on the print image.
  • Use the proper printing techniques to obtain a print image within tolerances.
  • Measure the density of the image, the pretreatment level and the sticking of the ink.
  • Execute a complete product change.
    I.e. adjusting all guiding’s, replacing the variables, adjusting the infeed screws, mandrel ring replacement, adjusting the position of the PT electrodes, moving the take off station and the printing station, adjusting the position of the UV lamp, adjusting the take off and also the restacker, etc..
  • Perform troubleshooting during a product change, so that it results in a proper working printer; i.e.:
    – Recognize any irregularity in the variables and give recommendations
    about improving the variables.
    – To be able to recognize and therefore adjust any improper setting on the operation panel.
    – Recognize and adjust any improper mechanical setting.

Machine training

After the commission of a new printer a standard training will be provided. During this course the following topics will be explained safety standards, operator panel, basic print settings, basic machine operation, product change-over and maintenance.
Complementary to the standard training the following advanced training courses are provided:

  • Electrical training
  • Mechanical training
  • Operator plus module


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