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About this technology

As a pioneer of the printing world, Van Dam Machine’s latest technological breakthrough will turn the industry on its head.
“It’s more evolution than revolution. But we are always pushing the boundaries of printing to the max to suit the industry’s demands of the future,”
Our patented FDoR® technology combines the best of both worlds in container decoration. Low cost and sustainability of direct print and high quality CYMK photographic image print of Flexo.

FDoR® allows you endless decoration options with CMYK+ (Extended Gamut).

The colors are built by placing the different inks over each other, called wet in wet. Unlike Flexo, the image with the built-up colors is transferred wet in wet from the blanket to the cup. So no intermediate drying after each color. By doing this the speed is like Dry Offset (600 ppm).
The use of process colors enables a quick change-over to another design, without cleaning color heads or changing colors. As the printing quality is controlled by the anilox roller and no longer by the skill of the operator, the quality of the image is dictated by prepress. The prepress proof is the same quality as the end result on the product.
FDoR® offers easy operation, consistent high quality decoration and endless design possibilities at a low decoration cost.

Advantages summarized
  • Low decoration cost
  • No Design limitations
  • High-Definition Print
  • Consistent quality
  • No color changes
  • Quick change cartridge
  • Sustainability
  • Combination with TF
  • Less pending on skill operator
  • Quality image dictated by prepress
  • Quick response to new or  image changes


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    For most rigid products there are FDoR® printing machines available.
    Products which are made from molded fiber or plastic products with a large slip can be printed on our FlexoCon printer.
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