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Van Dam Machine has developed a new decoration technology FDoR®, a combination of low decoration cost , sustainability of direct print and high quality CYMK photographic image print of Flexo

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Printing innovative lifelike colors, The sustainable way.

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Innovative power behind high quality direct printing.

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About Van Dam Machine

Since 1962 Van Dam Machine is an innovated company in direct printing equipment on  rigid packaging. It’s our clear mission to deliver sustainable state of the art decoration solutions to customers globally. Resulting in a zero packaging waste.


Ductor Brackets (140-005-238)
Up to 20% discount

Blankets                          Double sided adhesive

10 m roll  5%                  10-15 pcs 5%
30 m
roll 10%                16-20 pcs 10%
sheets 10-20 pc 5%      21-25
pcs 15%
sheets > 20
pcs 10%    > 25 pcs 20%

​Blankets transfer the complete image to the product and compensate for variances in product wall thickness.
Double sided adhesive holds the blanket package firmly in place during the printing process.


  • Excellent ink release
  • Minimal dot growth
  • Great wear resistance
  • Attractive pricing
  • Minimal downtime due to the use of original parts