Flexo Direct on Rigid solutions

FlexoCon – “The FDoR conical printer”

The FDoR FlexoCon technology guarantees a sharply printed image on the top, middle and bottom of a round cup. Both the angles of the offset cylinder and the plate cylinder mirror the conical angle of a cup resulting in no downtime for cleaning the blankets because there is no print slur.

The machine comes with 8 FDoR color heads, 7 for process colors and 1 for a spot color. The integrated background color and spot varnish opens a wide range of high-end decoration possibilities at high speed. The first time right registration with the magnetic plate cylinders in combination with the FDoR process color technology, guarantees quick-change over.Machine features:

• Consistent photographic FDoR print quality
• Production speed up to 650 cups per minute
• Decoration costs similar to Dry Offset
• In-line spot background color
• Ultimate glossy effect with spot over-varnish
• 8 FDoR color heads for 7 process colors and 1 spot color
• Quick change-over

CM 608 M – ”The professional printer”

Van Dam has split up the CM 608 M printing machine in modules like; printing unit, in-feed, take-off etc (modular building concept). The advantage of this concept is that the customer can compose the machine according to his requirements. After composing the machine configuration, it can be extended with a variety of options to shorten the change over time, to enhance printing quality and to reduce scrap and solvent usage. It’s also possible to trade-in and upgrade the old-configuration to new modules. The result is a flexible workhorse with a stable high performance level.

Machine features:

• Up to 8 colors
• Wide range of products (diameter 50-230 mm)
• Production speed up to 600 cups per minute
• High printing quality
• Modular building concept
• Reliable and proven technology
• Operator friendly

CE 608 M – ”The professional printer”

The CE 608 M printer is an up to eight color professional printer that combines high quality print with functionality at a very attractive price. The printer is built on a modular concept. That means the machine is expandable with modules giving it many options to fit every individual requirement. It also makes the machine suitable for upgrading or conversion. The CE 608 M is an economical printer without compromising on quality and practicality.

CP 406 M – “The compact printer”

Meeting the market demand for profitable price/quality ratio’s, Van Dam has designed the CP 406 M. The CP 406 M is a practical printer with first time right printing plate mounting. I.e. high accuracy punching of the printing plates and unique attaching system eliminates the need of registration. The combination of the color head construction and effective cup handling system resulted in a compact printer with sharp printing quality.

Machine features:

• ”First time right” plate mounting
• Cost effective
• Quick set color heads
• Low maintenance
• Sharp printing quality
• Production speed up to 400 cups per minute
• 6 color heads standard