FlexoTub – ”The High Speed Rectangular FDoR Printer”

Van Dam Machine developed The FlexoTub printing machine, to make rectangular tubs an economic packaging solution. The FlexoTub is a high speed (400 ppm) rectangular product printing machine. The 4 sides and bottom can be printed in one continues run. The FlexoTub also included the Van Dam Machine FDoR® printing technology. This combination reduces decoration costs dramatically and makes rectangular packaging affordable.

FlexoTub the high speed rectangular FDoR® printer

Machine Features

  • Rectangular printer with FDoR® technology
  • Lowest decoration costs on rectangular products
  • Production speed up to 400 products per minute
  • Suitable for wide range of products
  • Spot background color for printing of colored or transparant tubs
  • Spot varnish for ultimate gloss
  • 8 FDoR color heads for 7 process colors and 1 spot color
  • High speed for large products

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