FlexoLid – “The flat FDoR printer”

Round, rectangular, flat or raised shaped lids. Any kind of lid can be printed on the Van Dam Machine FlexoLid. A high precision lid position system, is a result of Van Dam Machine’s long experience in designing lid printers. Due to this system, it assures an accurate applying of the image, on a spot background color and followed by a spot varnish. These features are both fully integrated. Together with the FDoR® technology, the FlexoLid meets the challenges of today’s market.



flexolid the flat fdor printer

Machine Features

  • Lid printer with FDoR® technology
  • Production speed up to 600 lids per minute
  • High consistent accurate positioning system
  • Spot background color and spot varnish
  • Easy set-up
  • 8 FDoR color heads for 7 process colors and 1 spot color
  • Full automation option

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