FlexoFlex – “The FDoR flexible printer”

The FlexoFlex is RM208T with FDoR print technology. The FlexoFlex combines the reliable product handling system of the RM 208 T with the print advantages of FDoR. All this with speeds upto 200 ppm. You can decorate almost every product shape with a high quality image. Van Dam’s well proven dial technology ensures high quality images even around the corners of tubs. The easy accessibility and easily adjustable product handling modules allow quick changeover to new products and the FDoR technology a quick design change. Which makes the FlexoFlex very suitable for short production runs.

Machine Features

  • Excellent handling of any type of non-round products
  • FDoR color heads with pumping station
  • Suitable for wide product range; up to 2 kg tubs
  • High quality printing by Van Dam dial technology
  • Individual control of cup during complete printing process
  • Designed for easy set-up and quick design change-over
  • Production speed up to 200 cups per minute
  • Easy access to cup handling areas and print areas
  • Reliable mechanical take off system
  • Reliable and proven technology.

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