FlexoCon – “The FDoR conical printer”

The FDoR® FlexoCon technology guarantees a sharply image on the top, middle and bottom of a round cup. Therefore, extending the printable surface. The offset and plate cylinder mirror the conical angle of a cup resulting in clear print with no slur and no blanket cleaning. The FlexoCon excels in decorating the highest quality print. On the most challenging high slur percentage images or soft surface products like molded fiber cups.

High-Definition designs are made with CMYK (optional “Extended Gamut” or “Spot colors”) wet on wet allowing the widest range of colors in the decoration. The process colors allow a design change in minutes by exchanging only the design plates.


Machine Features

  • Consistent photographic FDoR® print quality
  • Production speed up to 650 cups per minute
  • Decoration costs similar to Dry Offset
  • In-line spot background color
  • Ultimate glossy effect with spot over-varnish
  • 8 FDoR color heads for 7 process colors and 1 spot color
  • Quick change-over

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