Quality, robustness and reliability.

Innovations have to result in benefits for our customers. Implementing new technologies, machine building methods or new organizational structures must have a measurable effect on Van Dam’s core values: quality, robustness and reliability.

Quality, robustness and reliability lead to:

• Satisfied customers from customers
• Long machine lifetimes
• High machine up-times
• Low maintenance
• High efficiency
• Fulfilled promises

Market developments
Van Dam is always focused on market developments, challenges are embraced and translated into practical solutions for the industry. Van Dam introduced servo motor technology, special cup handling technology for the dual component cups and clamshell products, back color printing, positioned printing, screw take off system, exact counting restacker, first time right plate mounting etc.

All these developments have contributed to higher production output and higher printing quality. Packaging companies and advertising agencies happily embraced new developments of Van Dam. The low printing costs per product combined with bright colored, sharp images and texts has led to a substantial growth of dry offset printed products on the supermarket shelves.

Today the Plastic Packaging Industry is asking for new technical solutions to:

• Improve the decorating quality
• Reduce downtime
• Reduce energy consumption
• Reduce consumables
• Reduce labor costs

Take a look at our solutions page to learn more.

Innovative technologies
Van Dam has implemented several technologies on their printing machines to support our customers and giving them a leading edge in the market:

• Conical printing, delivering a printing quality comparable with more expensive decoration technologies
• Automatic Roller Cleaning System (ARCS), cleaning the color head rollers simultaneously while rollers are inside the machine
• ARCS is significantly reducing the cleaning periods and the cleaning liquids
• ”First time right” magnetic plate cylinders
• Automated feeding and packing of stacks
• Mechatronic color heads.

Comparison Decoration Techniques on Rigid Substrate: *

  Dry OffsetIn-Direct FlexoDigital printing SleevingIMLPaper labelScreen printing
 Appearance+++ ++ ++ ++ 
 Sustainability+-/+ -/+ -- 
 Output (cpm)++ ++ 
 Investment-- -- -- 
 Decoration costs++ ++ -- --
 Logistics++ ++ ++---- -- 

Note: IDF and Dry-Offset printing costs are approx. 80% lower than IML

* Based on order gros of min. 50.000 products