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Flexo Direct on Rigid (FDoR®)

Van Dam has developed a new decoration technology, a combination of two principles: Dry Offset and Flexo. This new technology, Flexo Direct on Rigid (FDoR), mixes the high speed of Dry Offset with the constant high printing quality and easy operations of Flexo.

The colors can be placed over each other without intermediate drying (wet in wet). This is achieved by using inks with different tacks. The image of the built-up colors is transported from the blanket to the product. The full spectrum of colors can be made with 7 process colors. The use of process colors enables a quick change-over to another design, without cleaning color heads or changing colors. As the printing quality is controlled by the anilox roller and no longer by the skill of the operator, the quality of the image is dictated by prepress. The prepress proof is the same quality as the end result on the product. FDoR offers easy operation, consistent high quality decoration and endless design possibilities.

Advantages summarized:

• Quality image dictated by prepress
• Endless design possibilities with 7 color process
• Colors printed over each other
• No color changes, quick change-over
• Anilox roller for consistent ink supply, guarantees color consistency
• Decoration costs similar to dry offset
• FDoR for high speed printing
• Spot background color
• Ultimate glass effect with spot varnish

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