The machine is only part of the process.

Dry Offset

Dry offset printing is the most economic and flexible decoration technology. Printing is done directly on the final product, so no intermediate substate is required. Due to the introduction of laser engraved plates in Dry Offset and the reverse engineering of printing machines, we are able to exploit the full potential of the laser plates.

Digital laser plates: allow a greater detail and sharpness with a halftone screen up to 130 lines per inch (LPI), than any other type of printing plates. The plate relief becomes more shallow and stable since the printing form can be engraved in 3D. The total relief depth and dot support within one plate are controlled and adjustable to the density in the design. Laser engraved plates create the possibility to print different dots sizes with minimal dotgain.

Stability: Van Dam machines are designed to absorb the negative effects of vibration. A stable machine is required to maintain the accuracy in repeatable print settings.

Color Head: is a precision mechanism and the most important part of the dry offset printing machine. Stability and the possibility to fine-tune the color heads in detail (mechatronic color heads), allow operators to achieve high quality print results.

Registration: requires perfect alignment of the printing plates in each color head. The highly accurate punching tools allow the operator to install the printing plates according to the so-called ‘first time right’ principle.

Quality is reproducible: because build-in intelligence (FLT-Fuzzy Logic Technology) analyses ideal settings and stores data in its memory. FLT automatically adjusts the roller pressure when circumstances during the printing process change. For a new run the operator easily retrieves these settings making print quality reproducible for any shift and any operator.

Blankets: are the intermediate medium needed to transfer the ink from the plate cylinder to the cup.
High speed printing, new laser engraved plates and improved inks triggered to many new blanket designs required to meet these changes. Van Dam has analysed many different blanket brands and types.
We translate our experience to our customersby advising optimum blankets to achieve high print quality.

Ink: is an essential part of the finalresult. Without ink no printing can be achieved. Therefore, the interaction between machine, plates, blankets and packaging will only show great results with an ink of optimal physical properties.Van Dam cooperates with ink manufacturers that invest continuously in R&D in order to respond to changing requirements of our clients. High speed machines require extremly fast pre-treatment and UV drying.

Product: the material surface and shape of the product are of extreme importance for print results. Together with some well known manufacturers of CORONA treatment systems Van Dam is on the forefront of the development of these systems for the dry offset machines. The in-house developed product handling systems guarantee an optimal speed of products of all sorts of shape through the machine.

Training: Van Dam has developed special training programs to assist in the process of realizing photograph printing quality with dry offset print. The training programs include machine operation, print settings, and pre-press training. The content of the training can be adjusted to specific demands or needs and are given by qualified Van Dam trainers.

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