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One of our customers was facing the maximum capacity with is printer and needed to buy new capacity to be able to meet the market requirements. However to our calculations the CM 608 M with full options should be capable to run the required quantities. We sent our technician to investigate the local situation for a few days. Based on this we made a report with the observations and recommendations what could be improved.

Survey present situation
  • Smaller order size but more orders the last years
  • Increase from 4-6 colors to 8 color designs
  • Original trained operators no longer at customer
  • Automatic Roller Cleaning System (ARCS) was not used, so cleaning of the rollers by hand
  • Plates were not correctly punched , so lot of time of lost to put image in registration
  • At change-over the new plates, inks, blankets, cups, mandrels etc were not prepared and next to the machine
  • Own made mandrels, so running speed was reduced by more then 10%
Management summary
As a result of the changed market with smaller batches and more color designs quick change is a critical parameter to reduce the downtime and increase the present capacity. The CM 608 M is equipped with the quick change-over options, but the people who were originally trained left and the customer is back to the old way setting up a dry offset printer.


Customer decided to follow our recommendation. All the operators (3 shifts) were trained by the Van Dam Machine specialist for a week to use the quick change-over features. The punch tool was moved from the production floor to the press area. Which resulted a more precise punching and less registration time and waist. All this resulted in an increase of  the uptime by 28%.
Also the Van Dam Machine tooling gave an extra output increase of approx. 6% per day. Overall the CM 608 M is able to print the present quantities, so a happy customer.
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