Extend lifetime

Improve printing quality and increase efficiency on older Van Dam printers

One of our customers has a 688 Van Dam printer built in 2003. This 688 printer is the predecessor of our present workhorse the CM 608 M. Even as the 688 is now 19 years old, the machine is still in good condition and performs 24/7. Customer noticed that the print quality is decreasing and ask our field engineer a survey. The report showed that color heads had wear and that tolerances were out of specification.

Several options were discussed and quoted; like new color heads, complete new printer, but looking at the state of the color heads and the rest of  the printer (offset cylinder). A solid technical and economical solution was to perform a full overhaul of the color head at our factory.

Besides the overhaul, the color heads were upgraded with levers instead of screws, automatic roller cleaning system, 3rd form roller and magnetic plate cylinder. This reduces a design change-over time from 2-3 hours to less then 30 minutes.


With this overhaul, the print quality improved substantial and customer could get the maximum out of laser engraved printing plates. Also the new features pushed the machine efficiency up. As a result, the printer life was extended by several years.


Please contact us with your specific business case and it might be as interesting for you as the above customer