Van Dam is an innovative company specialized in high quality dry offset printing machines and photographic FDoR printing machines for rigid packaging. Van Dam’s core values: quality, robustness and reliability stand for excellent customer service and the development of new technologies based on customer needs that result in higher production output and the best printing quality. For instance developments in quick change technology resulted in attractive costs for orders of smaller batches.

Van Dam has developed a new decoration technology, a combination of two decoration principles Dry Offset and Flexo. This new technology, Flexo Direct on Rigid (FDoR), mixes the high speed of Dry Offset with the constant high printing quality and easy operations of Flexo. FDoR offers easy operation, consistent high quality decoration and endless design possibilities.

The mission statement of Van Dam is to be the leading worldwide supplier of high quality printing equipment for shaped plastic packaging material. To be so, our people are innovative and customer focused and at their best when working in teams of solution-based cross functional teams. As a market-leader we intend to have a recognized difference with our competitors on quality and customer demands.